Advice and Useful Links

Where can students seek advice and guidance on how to lodge an appeal or complaint?

Students can seek advice and guidance on how to lodge an appeal or complaint through a number of avenues, including the Students’ Union, Advice Zones and Student Services.
Specialist advice on the regulations and procedures is available from staff in the Student Casework Unit. Pastoral support is available from the Students’ Union, Student Services and the Chaplaincy. Support for students with certain disabilities with regard to access to regulations and procedures is provided through the Disability and Dyslexia Service within Student Services and Library Services.

Advice Zones

The Advice Zones at each campus offer a friendly, impartial and non-judgemental service, where students can talk openly in a confidential environment. They can work with students to find a resolution including guiding them towards any specialist support they may need.

Chaplaincy Services

Chaplaincy Services at the University of South Wales is an open and inclusive service to the whole community. It offers confidential and non-judgmental support to staff and students irrespective of faith, culture, gender or sexual orientation. Embracing diversity is a fundamental principle of the Chaplaincy’s ethos.

Student Support Services

All Student Services Advisers can advise about the student complaints and appeals processes. The Student Services department comprises of:

Students’ Union

The University of South Wales Students’ Union is a democratic organisation driven and guided by the Student Leadership Team. The Student Leadership Team is made up of elected Sabbatical Officers, Part-time Student Council Officers, Student Voice Representatives and Course Representatives who make decisions informed by over 31,000 student members.

The Students’ Union offer support, guidance, expertise, personal development and opportunities core to the student body. Their aim is to inspire students to be successful, not only during their time at University, but for the future.

Quality Assurance Agency

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is the independent body entrusted with monitoring, and advising on, standards and quality in UK higher education.