Student Complaints

Examination Issues

The University aims to ensure that its quality standards are adhered to in the conduct of its examinations. Consequently it has a process in place to allow you to report any issues related to the conduct of an examination with which you were unhappy. Further details on how to report an issue with an examination can be found here

Student Complaints – Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the complaints procedure is to provide an opportunity for students to resolve the problems, concerns or a complaint they have. Where concerns relate to academic courses, students should raise them through these procedures so that they can be resolved before the assessment stage.

  • Student Complaints Regulations 2018-2019 English | Cymraeg
  • The communication plan for all stages of the complaints process English | Cymraeg

Online training for Investigating Officers is available to staff on The Hub.

Please note that in accordance with GDPR Regulations any third party supporting evidence can only be accepted if accompanied by a completed third party consent form.

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Early Resolution

Any concerns you may have should be raised either verbally or in writing with the person responsible, or if you still have concerns, with the appropriate campus advice centre.

You can now access a confidential and impartial mediation service aimed at assisting you to resolve any concerns you may have with regard to the provision of a course or academic or administrative services. If you are interested in this service you should contact your campus advice centre or the Student Casework Unit.

It is anticipated that it will be possible to resolve many concerns at this stage before it becomes necessary to take a complaint to a formal investigation.

Information for students and staff on the process of mediation is available here.

Formal Investigation

A Student Complaint Form should be used when submitting a formal complaint. At the formal investigation stage an investigating officer will investigate your complaint. The investigating officer will have no prior knowledge of your case.

Group Complaints

If a complaint is submitted on behalf of a group, then the following form must also be completed.

Request for Review

A Request for Review Form should be submitted following the outcome of the formal investigation, if you remain dissatisfied. You can only submit a complaint for review if either there is evidence that the procedures at the formal investigation stage were not conducted in line with the regulations; you have evidence that there were specific issues of the complaint which they raised during the formal investigation which were not considered; you have new material evidence that they were unable, for valid reasons, to provide earlier in the process or you have evidence that the outcome was not reasonable in the circumstances

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  • Guidance Notes for Request for Review of a Student Complaint Form English | Cymraeg

Student Complaints Regulations Archive





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