Governance Unit

The Governance Unit provides support for the governance and management of the University through administration of the Board of Governors and the Academic Board and their respective committees.

Committee minutes are published within the University’s Publication Scheme. The Governance Unit is led by the University Secretary and Clerk to the Governors William Callaway and the unit works closely with the Vice Chancellor and the Executive.

Details of the Governors can be found here

The Governance Unit is also responsible for the following areas:

University Calendar

The University Calendar contains general information about the University, its structure and the rules and principles behind its governance and operation including:

University Key Dates

Membership and Terms of Reference of the Board of Governors and its Committees

Membership and Terms of Reference of the Academic Board and its Committees

Membership and Terms of Reference of Other Groups

Guidance on Committee Servicing

The Governance Unit has developed a best practice guide for committee servicing

University Elections

The Governance Unit organises elections for the Additional Co-opted Staff Member on the Board of Governors, the support staff representative to the Academic Board, and the election of members of the Academic Board to sit on committees of the Board of Governors.

If you need guidance on completing faculty elections please contact us.

Nominations for the Conferment of Honorary Awards

A copy of the scheme can be found here

A copy of the nomination form can be found here

Risk Managment

A copy of the Risk Management Framework can be found here

Internal Audit

The co-ordination and management of the University’s internal audit programme.


Lucy FitzGerald – Governance Manager
Helen Simpson – Governance Officer
Rhiannon Fear – Governance Administrator