Copyright & Intellectual Property

The University is both a creator, and user, of copyright material, and takes its responsibilities in relation to copyright and other intellectual property seriously.

Further information is available by clicking on the links on the left. If you need advice on any copyright matter contact the Information Governance Team in the University Secretary’s Office.

Copyright Online Training

An online training course (which is compulsory for all new members of staff at the University) is available which you can access at any time. Hopefully it will help to strengthen your understanding of copyright matters, and University policies and procedures.
Copyright Online Training

All Rights Release Agreement

The University requires a signed All Rights Release Agreement to be submitted for all performances or other contributions (by staff, students and guests) in content created by the University and posted on its webpages (including iTunes U).

Please note that you can now digitally sign the Agreement and submit it electronically.

Click here for a copy of the Agreement.

Sample Wording for Requesting Permission

Your request should be sent in writing (email is fine) to the Permissions Department/Copyright/Legal link of the copyright owner/publisher in question. Information is commonly found at the bottom of the relevant company’s website homepage.

“Dear Sirs
I am the [Job Title] at the University of South Wales.

I am writing to ask your permission to reproduce the following material [detail content here] for inclusion in my online, multimedia course materials.

I request a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence.

Full and proper attribution to your material will of course be made.

The materials will be published on the University of South Wales website, and its iTunes U site, for educational, non-commercial purposes only.

Could you please respond by return to confirm that I may use your material in the manner described.

Yours faithfully”


Copyright Law has Changed!

What has changed?

Personal copying for private use

This exception has recently been quashed by the High Court (July 2015). Watch this space for further updates.

Parody, caricature and pastiche

A new exception allows limited use of a copyright work for caricature, parody or pastiche without the permission of the copyright holder, but only to the extent that the use is fair, proportionate and funny.

Fair dealing Quotation exception

This exception allows any work to be quoted (including digital material) as long as the amount quoted is fair, appropriate for the intended purpose, and sufficient acknowledgement is given.

Fair dealing for Instruction

You can now include all types of material (including digital material) for the giving or receiving of instruction, as long as the amount used is fair, appropriate for the intended purpose, and sufficient acknowledgement is given.

Fair dealing for non-commercial research/private study

You can now include all types of material (including digital material, sound and film) for your own private non-commercial research/private study purposes. The amount you use must be fair, appropriate for the intended purpose, and sufficient acknowledgement must be given.

Guidance on the legal changes has been produced and is accessible via this link

Further detailed information is available from the Intellectual Property Office.

User-friendly copyright websites

The website is recommended as a clear, user-friendly guide to UK copyright law.

Lots of information on free-to-use or 'creative commons’ resources is available at digitalunite

Guidance for Staff on the University’s Student IPR Policy

In 2011 a revised Student Intellectual Property Rights Policy came into effect.

The main change from the previous policy is that students will ordinarily retain ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) they create during the course of their studies.

A short training aide has been created to help explain the Policy, accessible here