Off-site Records Store

A contract has been set up for the storage and retrieval of University records with an off-site commercial company. Departments and Faculties can use this service if they do not have sufficient space to store paper records.

Sending your records to the store will have the following benefits:-

  • more space in your office
  • provision of secure storage
  • records stored in appropriate environmental conditions
  • retrieval service for stored records
  • ability to implement the University Records Retention Schedule
  • legal and administrative requirements will be met
  • records disposal co-ordinated and records either destroyed confidentially or transferred to the archives

The store can be used to send semi and non-current records that must be kept for statutory or administrative requirements but are no longer used or referred to on a regular basis and do not need to be kept nearby.

Use the University Records Retention Schedule to determine the retention periods. Keep current records that are still needed on a regular basis in office areas and do not send printed publications which are held elsewhere and which can be disposed of or duplicate material which is not the master copy. At the end of the retention period, the records will either be destroyed confidentially or if they are worthy of permanent retention they will be transferred to the University Archives.

If you want to send records to off-site storage, please complete a Records Transfer List.

If you have any queries, please contact: