Data Protection

The University of South Wales is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office and undertakes to process personal information in line with Data Protection law.

The University undertakes to maintain data in secure conditions and to process and disclose data only within the terms of its Data Protection notification.

Under the legislation individuals have rights and further details are available within the Individual Rights Guide.  Further information on Subject Access Rights and accessing data can be found in the Subject Access Request Guide.

The University’s Data Protection Policy details how personal information will be processed by the University and applies to employees, contractors, University partners and external collaborators and visitors who may be authorized to access personal data held by the institution.

The Privacy/Fair Processing Notice for Enquirers details how information provided by enquirers is used and processed by the University.

The Privacy/Fair Processing Notice for Applicants details how applicant data is used and processed by the University of South Wales.

The Privacy/Fair Processing Notice for Students outlines how personal information provided by students will be processed and used by the University.

The Privacy/Fair Processing Notice for Apprentices details how personal data for apprentices will be processed.

The Privacy/Fair Processing Notice for Staff outlines how the University uses personal data provided by employees.

The General Privacy Notice details how the University will process the personal data of any individual who provides information to USW.  It should be read in conjunction with the notice provided by the department/faculty that gathered the data.

The University's 'Appropriate Policy Document' sets out how the University will protect special category and criminal conviction information.  

The Information Classification Policy must be used to classify data being processed in line with its sensitivity.  
The University has a Complaint Procedure for individuals who are dissatisfied with the way their personal data has been handled.

The Data Breach Procedure is to be followed when there has been a breach that involves personal data and breaches should be reported via the Data Breach Form

The University has produced  Guidance for University Researchers for Post Graduate Researchers.

The 'Learning Analytics - Student Guide' provides further information for students on the use of data to support their learning.  The Student Engagement Monitoring page provides further information for students on our engagement monitoring activities.

Queries about Data Protection should be directed to:

Information Compliance Unit

University of South Wales


CF37 1DL