Public's Welsh Language Rights

Under the Welsh Language Standards the public have a right to use the Welsh language if they wish. Since 1 April 2018 you have the right to use the Welsh language:

• In correspondence with the University. When you write to us in Welsh, we will respond in Welsh. In cases where we do not know your preferred language, we will send bilingual correspondence. 

• By telephone on our main phone numbers, helplines and call centres at the University, until it is necessary to transfer the call to a non-Welsh-speaking member of staff who can provide a service on a specific subject.

• At our main reception area in Treforest and all other receptions.

• When applying for a grant or financial support.

• When submitting a tender for a contract.

• At individual meetings with the University in relation to specific issues

• At meetings with a number of people at the University, if at least 10% have asked to speak Welsh.

• At a meeting open to the public where the individual has indicated beforehand that they wish to speak in Welsh.

• At public events e.g. lectures, graduation or award ceremonies.

• During learning opportunities which are open to the public.

• To make a complaint. 

*Please note that the rights apply to the activities listed under Interpreting the Standards.