Student's Welsh Language Rights

Since 1 April 2018 students in Wales have the legal right to use Welsh. When you first enroll as a student at the University you will be asked for your preferred language- Welsh or English. This information is noted on your student record so that staff are aware when they communicate with you.

All students are entitled to receive the following in Welsh:

Correspondence including letters, e-mail or text messages Welcome booklet Welsh language prospectus Forms, documents and notices
Counselling service Meetings Certificates Submitting written work in Welsh
Applying for financial support Communicating on the telephone Public events e.g. lectures, graduation or award ceremonies Websites, apps and social media
Signage and self-service machines Reception service Advertising Welsh services Corporate identity
Examinations (*Note: this is dependent on the examining body) Public announcements Student accommodation A personal tutor (*Note: this does not mean allocating an academic tutor)
Awarding grants and providing financial support Student wellbeing Disciplinary cases in relation to another student Making a complaint

For more information on the learning opportunities available through the medium of Welsh, e-mail

The Service Delivery Standards apply to both students and the public – this information is provided in our Compliance Notice.